Aline Marie Art & Design

The Artist's Mind....

       There is something to be said for the unique gifts that we all possess. I am thankful for this skill that I one part chose and one part was chosen  for me to use and share. It serves my heart, it feeds my mind, it fuels my life and my soul, and it feeds me (and my dog!). Having the ability of  taking thoughts, ideas and dreams of my friends and clients  and pull them from the ether's to manifest them into 3D is a gift on so many levels. It connects me to others, there are so many wonderful ideas out there, and the inspiration that my clients give me is amazing. Sometimes I feel that there is such an unlimited data bank of ideas out there, that it would take me ten lifetimes to come up with them all myself. This is where the beauty of the artist/client relationship comes in. Someone comes up with an idea, or something tangible/intangible they are trying to express, and I pull it through my hands, and through my brushes and pens and tools, and now we both have something to show for our collective efforts. Amazing.

       No thing, no person, no event, and no circumstance is by chance, we are all here to help each other in some way or another. My business model is based on a high level of integrity, compassion and clear communication. I am bringing love back into business, and am also in the business of expressing love in visual form. Respectfully, honestly, reliably, responsibly, truthfully, genuinely, and sincerely is how you and your work and our working relationship will be treated by me. I give these qualities  willingly and freely but conditionally,  I do expect it in return. This is how I do business, and if you can operate on this high level of integrity then I'm sure the results will be fantastic!

Educational Background etc....

         1996-1997 Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT.~ studies in art education & art history
      1997-2001 Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT~ B.A. in Illustration, Fine Art & minor in Graphic Design
    1999 The Academy of Art, San Francisco, CA ~ full scholarship summer study in classical drawing and computer art
    2000 The School of Visual Art, Manhattan, NY ~ semester study in commercial/greeting card design and copyright law.
    2006 Kripalu Institute, Lenox, Mass ~ School of Yoga/200hour YTT
     2009 The International Professional School of Bodywork, San Diego, Ca ~ Massage therapy & holistic health practitioner      program student/currently enrolled
Specializing in:
healing art therapy workshops for depression, “Creative Journey to Joy” workshops intertwining yoga therapy with art therapy expression, private art lessons for physically challenged individuals, art classes taught for children survivors of abuse.

character/cartoon portraits, logo designs, business card/ letter head layout and design, illustrations for card decks, hand painted signs, wood burnt signs, murals, proficient in Photoshop CS-2 for added commercial & special effects to images, detailed semi-photorealistic oil paintings and portraits of animals, people and nature, acrylic painting, hand painted yoga mats, fine line drawings in pen and pencil. Solo art shows as well as group shows since 1999.

Shows/work displayed sold at:
The Golden Door Resort & Spa, Escondido, Ca
lululemon athletica, Carlsbad, Ca www.lululemonathletica/
The Yogascape & Spa, Carmel, Ny,
Yoga Dimensions, Newtown, Ct
YogaSpace, Brookfield, CT