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What started as a childhood joy turned into a life long passion and career. I have been drawing and painting since I could hold a crayon, and told my mother at 5 years old that I was going to be an artist someday! Within this site is a tapas menu of images and creative venues that are available to you, to look at, to purchase, to commission, to enjoy.

 Before I was able to clearly speak my thoughts, my heart, my understandings- I spoke in pictures, in colors, in shapes and in forms. Developing my artistic  skills I learned many ways to speak through my hands. As I grew into a person and from life's experiences I learned how to translate others words, ideas and notions into forms and color as well, a business was born. One aspect of my images comes from me, the other -more important parts- come 'through' me. When commissioned to create pieces I work with not only my energy and inspirations but yours and the energy and spirit behind and around you. It is an honor and a privilege to create  the visual representation of an idea, thought, or dream that you have.  Please take your time and look through the site, find what calls to you, feel free to ask me any questions, and take time- if you can- to look not only with your eyes, but also with your heart.

         Thank you for your attention, your energy and your consideration,

                                            With Warmth & Peace,
                                                                      Aline Marie

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All images on this site are copyrighted to the full extent of the law exclusively to Aline Marie, as of 2001. Any distribution, copying or selling of any of these ideas or images  without consent of and or from the artist in writing will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.