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I got the fantastic opportunity to work one on one with Mary Wilson of WilsonWare Home products. I helped Mary develop her ideas for whimiscal animal designs on place mats for people and pets. It was a truly fantastic experience working with her, I learned a lot and got to experience working a booth with her at the Jacob Javits center in NYC, as well as the Boston Gift Show. Mary's products were featured in these gift ware magazines as well as the renowed Yankee magazine. If you click on the picture to the left it will take you to Mary's site

David Wolfe's Weight loss & Peak Performance Program

This was another wonderful opportunity I got to work with some very special people. David Wolfe is the leader on the vast benefits of living a Raw Food lifestyle. His knowledge, light, joy and gorgeous health knowledge and wisdom have inspired and helped thousands of people heal and revitalize their life. I was commissioned by Nick Ortner and Kevin Gianni to help illustrate this 52 card inspirational deck that went along with the 6 cd set and workbook put together by David Wolfe. Click on the picture to the left to connect to the program. Click on the links here to find out more about David and the wonderful things he is doing for the planet and her people.
Nick is the director and producer of "The Tapping Solution" a documentary on the effects of EFT for changing your life.
Nick is a revolutionary in his own right and his video, that I got the privledge to help out with,  is helping thousands of people learn a new and effective self healing technique called "tapping". It's foundations are built on tapping/using acupressure points on the body while repeating affirmations to change self defeating belief systems. To visit the site and learn more check it out at:

Kevin Gianni and his wife Annmarie, are also leaders in sharing and inspiring many people to make the switch to a raw food vegan lifestyle, they are both fitness coaches as well as nutritional coaches. They have their own show called "The Renegade health show", Annmarie just launched her own natural beauty care line, and they have wonderful informative video's on their site. They are wonderful people and were a joy to work with and

Magazine covers

This was one of two magazine covers I have been featured on in the inspirational magazine Voice of Choices back in 2002. This is the link to the magazine: